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My Medway

A website for the Medway area communities of Port Medway,

East Port Medway, Mill Village and Charleston.

Welcome to MyMedway, a website developed by the Medway Area Communities Association (MACA) and dedicated to supporting the communities along the Medway River in Nova Scotia Canada.

Draining into the Atlantic Ocean on the South Shore of the province, the Medway River is rich in history, lovely communities, beautiful landscapes, dramatic seascapes, hospitable residents and good food. It has been named a Unesco World Biosphere.

The river and the shoreline have been known since the earliest days of North American exploration and became the byways of a logging boom and international shipping. Today the Medway communities continue to thrive as entrepreneurial and tourism destinations.

A place with an old fashioned feel, but all the modern connectivity and conveniences you'd want - come for a day, stay for a holiday or move here. 

We're easy to find off the south shore highway #103 at exit 17 for Mill Village and 17A for Port Medway.

To learn all about our communities please click the COMMUNITIES link in the menu.  To learn about the community merchants and key events click on the LOGOs below.

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