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About MACA

Medway Area Communities Association or MACA is an informal community group whose mission it is to promote the villages and natural attractions along the Medway River, support sustainable and sensitive development and represent our communities to governments. The villages of Port Medway, East Port Medway, Mill Village and Charleston are situated along the river and within a Unesco World Biosphere area ( The area was once a very important economic engine for Nova Scotia with a booming shipping port in Port Medway taking logs and lumber from the mills up river at Mill Village and Charleston.

Port Medway and East Port Medway were also once major fishing ports and continue to enjoy success as lobster fisheries.

MACA is responsible for the Lighthouse Park and Warehouse at the Port Medway Wharf.  These sites are used for special events like - The Blessing of the Fleet, The Lighthouse Society Art Show, weekly Ping Pong, the bi-annual History Show and other events.

Here are some of MACA's recent accomplishments: sponsored Carroll Baker Teas at the Fire Hall, erected the first Welcome to Port Medway sign, purchased the Old Meeting  House and created the Port Medway Heritage Society to own and manage it, negotiated with the Canadian Coast Guard and Fisheries and Oceans to acquire Medway Head Lighthouse in 2014, created the Port Medway Lighthouse Park in collaboration with the Region of Queen's, built the public boat launch at the wharf, formed the Medway Head Lighthouse Society to manage and maintain the lighthouse, manages the Warehouse Exhibition Centre with the Region of Queens, sponsors events like the history show, art shows and workshops, promotes the Medway River area. Click here for pictures.

Join MACA and become part of the sustainable development of the Medway area.

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