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Sad News from Tumbling Down Falls Station

HI Folks I do hope this email finds you all well and coping the best you can during these extraordinary times. Most of you may be aware through our Face Book updates that Lorraine has had to make the very difficult decision to close ‘The Station’ indefinitely. So, sadly, some dreams never get to lift off from the ground, so, we won’t be seeing the amazing Garrett Mason play this month nor the other awesome musicians booked through to the fall, and the August retreat has had to be cancelled as well. For the few short 6 months that the Station was open it was full of life, music, markets and meals, with good friends, community and the hopeful promise with volunteers wanting to step up for many possibilities. My, how quickly things can change, now, here we all are, looking at a very different world, a place most of us don’t recognize. Life will present many twists and turns in our lives, and when ready Mother Nature will give us a swift wake up call – Perhaps this global pause was meant for us at this time in history, to shine a reflective light on all of us as we mourn a world that clearly wasn’t working on so many levels. The great news is we are readjusting ourselves and our lives individually and collectively. I truly hope that all of you see as I do, that dreams still can happen and we can over come challenges and we will get through this great shift . Many of us are blessed with where we live and the relationships we have built with trust, strength, respect and friendships in our communities. Many of us too, have years of experiences and wisdoms that can be shared with others, who, perhaps aren’t so fortunate. If you are one of the fortunate ones, I know you are reaching out to others who may be struggling during these times. On that note, as Scott and I prepare to resurrect gardens and farm infrastructure that has been neglected over the years, we will take the time to gather our thoughts and our energy as we get back to the very basics of living simply and always being grateful for what we have. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for anything you think we can help with and we will keep you posted from time to time as we get growing again. And when we come through this, you are all warmly invited to a gathering (like old times) here at Millennium Gardens Farm, for a ‘Coming Out’ event, a celebration of friendship, food and great music on the ‘Little Red Stage’ ( date to be announced sometime in the future) Stay safe, stay well, stay positive! Much love to all Victoria & Scott Conrad 902- 350-2552

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