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Lost at Sea Memorial Installed

On a day when record high temperatures were approached for this date in November, the memorial for those from the Medway area lost to the sea was installed at Port Medway Lighthouse Park. Under blue sunny skies, the crew from DeMone Monuments set the three pieces of polished granite in place.

Months of hard work and fund-raising by Charmaine Stevens and Amanda Conrad and members of the Medway Area Communities Association including Suzanne Morton, Robert Whitelaw and others resulted in a fitting memorial to many of those claimed by the sea. We would like to thank some of those generous donors including the J&W Murphy Foundation, Clearwater Fine Foods, the Port Medway Fire Department 'Chase the Ace' program and the many individual donors as well, in addition to the Region of Queens Municipality in determining the best site.

Everyone is invited to visit Lighthouse Park and have a closer look at the names and dates of those etched forever on the other 3 sides of the monument. Sometime in the future, when this pandemic is no longer a problem, there will be a dedication service.

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